Saturday, December 8, 2012

How Long Can You Run?

I had a stress test last weekend.  During the test, my target heart rate was 137.  I couldn't get there because I'm so out of shape.  After 7.5 minutes of fast walking and running, I only got to 136.  After a minute at 136, I had to stop. I had nothing left.

The Dancing Queen easily gets to 137 at many times during the day.  Her resting heart rate while awake hovers around 115.  In a deep, restful sleep, she jumps between lows 80s and high 90s (and it can go higher if she compresses her good lung by laying on that side, which she rarely does).  Her little body is constantly running.

How long can someone continuously run before their heart says "that's enough"?

Stress test came back completely fine.  My doctor was being overly protective of me because I get intense stomach aches when I don't eat now that I've removed gluten from my diet. Even though we were both certain my pains were not heart related, we couldn't risk it.

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