Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Polar Bear Beach Party

Here is the answer to last week's quiz. I know it stumped you all because I only got two answers (-;

On Saturday, we celebrated TRex's 5th birthday at the beach with a polar bear beach party!
Sand toys for all of the kids!
Amazing polar bear cake made by my sister, the Editor! (I made the swimming polar bears.)

A sword! TRex got 3, so everybody could be a pirate!

We couldn't get the candle to light.
Playing with the gift he wanted his "entire life".
DQ the pirate!


  1. This is the new blog :). What a great party - looks perfect. I was trying to figure out your clues last week...I thought maybe packing for vacation but then the roller skate looking things in your picture through me off.

  2. Don't tell TRex but he will never make it as a pirate--he is way too cute to troll the seven seas! The DQ looks like she's had another cute haircut!! I miss, miss, miss those parties. My boys always started planning the next one the day after!


  3. Ahh! The roller skate looking things were sand toys--dump trucks to be exact!

  4. Oh, I love the cake...and it looks like the kids did, too!

    PS-your new header looks great!


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