Monday, August 8, 2011

The Mad Scientist

Today, I am taking part in a Meme celebrating my sweet husband, the Mad Scientist. Below are some pics for you to see why I love him so.
How sweet is he with our first nephew.
Who can't love a man who poses like a pirate next to a display!
My groom.
I always hated this. He literally had this as the face of his credit card, but who can't love a man this odd!
Halloween is his favorite holiday. This is him even BEFORE kids!
The Mad Scientist's self portrait in sugar cookie form!
With our second newphew. Ahh.
One proud daddy (newborn TRex).
He always helps with the kids, even as babies. He will get up in the night, change diapers, clean messes. We do it all together.
There is nothing he loves more than a picture of someone taking a picture. Why? I have no idea!
This picture of TRex was taken while I was out of town for work. I opened my email and there was TRex wearing bib cape because the Mad Scientist knew I'd be missing my baby.
Mad Scientist sent this to me at work, just to say they loved me.
We must have 100 of these pictures, where MS does ridiculous faces in the camera. He is odd.
Whenever we go to a wedding, he always requests our song to be played.
He is such a good daddy.
Halloween again and of course, they had to have 3 heads.
First holding the Dancing Queen. Who knew I could love him more, but I did when I saw his open emotion and care to our sick child.
He is my rock whenever we face hospital stays and medical uncertainties.
When DQ was still hospitalized in the beginning, he went back to work. Everyday he go to work, rush to get the hospital, spend quality time with DQ, then head home to TRex. He is amazing.
The first pic of MS holding both kids. He can certainly juggle many things.
And yet, he is still a kid at heart.
And his humor. What can I say? In 2008, he wanted to be the scariest thing he could think of for Halloween.
One of my favorite pictures of MS and DQ.
He always reads to our kids with the best voices.
And no matter how crazy life gets, he always tries to keep us normal.
He loves video games, computers, YouTube Poop, and playing with our kids.
And he is all mine.
I love you, Mad Scientist!

If you want to take part in the Meme to share what you love about your partner, click the link below. Follow it to see others as well.


  1. This is so sweet.
    He looks like a riot.
    But also a man who you can always count on.

    Ps. The credit card pic cracked me up!

  2. I think I love the Mad Scientist too--especially when I read that he got up at night with the children, changed diapers, fed them etc.. My husband did the same!! Love his sense of humor for sure.


  3. What a fabulous post! He looks like quite the character (in a good way!) You're a lucky lady :)

  4. Life is so much more bearable with a goofy partner! Love it!


Having a child with a CHD is like being given an extra sense---the true ability to appreciate life. Each breath, each hug, each meal is a blessing when you've watched your child live off a ventilator, trapped in an ICU bed, being fed through a tube. Each minute is a miracle when you've watched your child almost die and come back to you.
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