Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Take Me Back Tuesdays: 1990

I was driving home from work the other night when a song came through my shuffle. I was immediately taken back to 1990. I was sitting in my parents' living room, the burnt orange sheers casting a glow over me. I was on the couch, doing word searches. No more cares in my mind. No more worries of adult life. I was thirteen again, rockin out to a favorite tune.

And let me tell you, I LOVED this song. I found a word search book in my old closest a couple of years ago. It was covered with "Jon Bon Jovi" and "Blaze of Glory is the best song ever!" As I drove, I felt that same exhilaration of the song. Silly as that may be.

But with the final cord, the moment ended and I was back in 2011. Back driving down the express way, going home after working way too long of a day.

What song takes you back every time?


  1. Actually this song takes me back--my eldest son listened to it! I suddenly realized that you and he are the same age. I could be your mother!! That makes me smile.


  2. Beastie Boys "Paul Revere" That song came out when I was a kid and I can remember us singing it at school in fourth grade. Wait... not singing it at school like the music teacher led us in a chorus of "Paul Revere" but that we would sing it in PE or on the playground! LOL


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