Friday, May 25, 2012

If A Tree Falls . . .

Everyone knows the age-old question: If a tree falls in the woods when no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Sometimes, I think that is true for blogging as well. If a blogger posts and nobody reads it, do her words still matter?

For me, the answer is a resounding, YES!

I can journal and I have. Before my blog, when something would get me really worked up, I'd jot it down as quickly as possible (much like most of my blog posts) and then leave it. The goal was just to get it out of me. That would help, but part of the process for me is the follow up. Coming back hours later and re-reading what I wrote, learning from it. I often learn more about what I think and what I feel by reading my own thoughts later and ruminating on them.  The thing is, when I would write my thoughts on a random piece of paper, it would get lost or cause clutter. That wasn't helpful.

So, despite my frequent absences, I will continue to blog. Even if nobody reads this.


  1. After my recent blog disappearance, I needed to read this! It reminds me that even if I lose readers because I don't post, my posts still have value.

    I find that writing/not writing becomes a habit. I had a hard time re-engaging and starting to write again. I had to force myself. Hopefully, I am writing myself back into a different habit!

  2. That is where this post came from! I haven't been posting because I didn't think I had anything that people wanted to read. This was to remind myself that I've never blogged to get readers, I do it for me!

  3. I always read your blog... I just don't always know how I want to respond to it. You know you always have my virtual {{hugs}}!! How is the great gluten free experiment going? Feeling any better yet?

  4. Thank you! I hope you know I read your blog too!

    I've been meaning to do an update on the gluten free experiment. It started out slow, but I definitely feel a difference. Not all of my pain is gone all of the time, but it is so much better. And I feel better overall. I've also lost over 20 pounds, yet I'm not hungry all of the time like I used to be. I get full and stay full, despite eating so much less.

  5. I always read your blog and I too have had that moment of wonderiung if no one responds do my words/thoughts even matter.....or are they valid thoughts to even have.  But I agree with you that they are valid, they do matter and they for sure hold meaning, even if no one responds.  Keep blogging my friend!


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