Monday, May 7, 2012

A Yupper Honeymoon

I lived in the UP of Michigan (upper peninsula) for four years during college. I used to joke that I moved as far away from home as possible while still staying in state. It was a wonderful time for me. I was learning who I was, what I wanted, and where I wanted to go. And I loved the UP. I love trees. I love hills. I love winter. I love snow. I loved the idea of being away from the shopping malls, materialism, and everything. As soon as I moved there, I felt like my heart had found it's home.  After I graduated, I always assumed I would find my way back to the UP when I "grew up" and live out my days near Lake Superior.

After law school though, I needed a job and I needed to go home to Detroit. So, I did.

Six months later, the Mad Scientist entered my life. Before I knew it, we were married and trying to have a baby.  I knew I wouldn't be moving to the UP (MS hates snow). So, when I had the opportunity to show my new husband where my heart had been before I met him, I took it. The Mad Scientist changed the oil in the car, we packed, and we were off for a week in the UP--our honeymoon nine months after getting married.

It was August and very warm down state, but the UP is different. The weather was nice, but air conditioning was never needed. We could drive with the windows open, enjoying the breeze while we cruised at 55 miles throughout the entire peninsula.

The entire trip was amazing! I had never been a tourist in the UP (not since going there as a kid with my grandma and aunt). And the Mad Scientist had never been across the Mighty Mac.  The two of us cheesed it up and took everything in. We stopped at all of the tourist traps. We enjoyed all of the beaches. It was exactly what a honeymoon should be--part adventure, part relaxation, and just the two of us!
The first stop of our tour: the Mystery Spot near St. Ignace.
We took pictures of the signs marking our spots so we knew where we were on our trip.
Yes, he was standing straight inside the Mystery Spot.
Then we started down U.S. 2.
Lake Michigan to the south of us.
I was the only one brave enough to go in.
The Mad Scientist stayed on the beach!
We noticed an inordinate amount of signs for smoked fish, so we had to take pictures.

The "EAT" restaurant always made me laugh when I would drive by on my way to school. Had to get a pic on our Yupper Honeymoon.
Breakfast on Day 2 at the Navigator in Munising.
Boat tours for Pictured Rocks--our planned adventure for the morning. Cancelled due to dangerous waters.
We went to see the park from land instead.
There was a stunning waterfall.
Miners Castle
Miners Caste with water coming out the hole.
And the honeymooners. Gosh we were young!
We then headed toward the Keweenaw, passing through Ishpeming and the US National Ski Hall of Fame along the way.
We finally made it to Houghton and I took MS to see Michigan Tech, my alma matter. (That is float copper he is hugging.)
We stayed at the Laurium Manor Inn (this is their picture of the inn since we didn't take any on the trip). Since Laurium is centrally located, we used it as our starting point for the rest of our adventures.
The Mad Scientist wanted to take a souvenir. Here was his rock.
He returned it to nature, but we still have the memory.
Another memory was leaving the beautiful spot, days into our journey, after hundreds and hundreds of miles, to realize the oil cap had not been replaced, but left sitting on the engine. We opened the hood and it was still there!
Our next stop, Eagle River.
More falls. The UP is covered in beautiful waterfalls.
I've always loved this wooden arch bridge.
I love him too!

Yes, all of these things are right off the side of the road. No heavy hiking required.

Brockway Mountain
Who would'a thought we'd find a rock that looked like the lower peninsula in Manganese Lake.
This is the hoist.
Yes, that is more copper. We were in Copper Country.
Had to suit up to stay safe and keep warm. It might have been late August, but going into the mine was still cold, even if we were only going on a tour.
On the tram ride down into the mine for our tour.
This is the Jacobsville Lighthouse. To get this picture, the Mad Scientist walked out on wet metal very far. I stayed on the land.
This picture was taken from the same location  as the last, but the Mad Scientist was trying to get me on the shore.
The old lighthouse was turned into a B&B.
As we drove home, we had to take some last photos of the road. This is Christmas, Michigan.

We had a wonderful trip. We played lots of games (especially Mancala). We read lots of books. We ate good food. And we made lots of memories. Best of all, the Mad Scientist was able to know a place that held my heart.

The UP still holds my heart. I know I will never live there again, but we will visit. And someday, the Mad Scientist and I will take the kids to see where mommy went to school. I hope they will learn the love for the trees, the lakes, and even the snow.

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  1. This is SO awesome! Makes me want to check out more of the U.P. I've been there, but really haven't gone too far in. I didn't know smoked fish was so prevalent up there. Sounds delish! Thanks for the reminder that our state is beautiful EVERYWHERE :)

  2. I enjoyed coming along on your honeymoon.  By all means, take the children there.  Maybe the Mad Scientist can find his lovely smooth rock/pebble again.


  3. Can't say I am a big fan of cold, but it does sound/look lovely. 

  4. I *love* the U.P.! My mother-in-law and I took my kids to Tahquamenon Falls & the Shipwreck Museum last summer. We had a blast. I hope someday to do a trip like you did on your honeymoon! I found you from Mrs. Weber's Neighborhood :-)

  5. Heather @GurleeGirrlMay 8, 2012 at 8:23 AM

    I absolutely LOVE the U.P.  My bff is from Ishpeming and I travel there quite often and love spending time there - the U.P. is defintely Michigan's hidden treasure - it's breathtaking!

  6. Wow! that looks like an awesome vacation! Love the pictures and the stories! Thanks for sharing!!!


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