Thursday, May 31, 2012


My computer bonged. I had a new email. I didn't much care. It was well after close of business. I was trying to finish up the piece of research I was working on before I headed home.

As I closed down the computer, I noticed that the email was from TRex's teacher. The subject was "June Volunteer Calendar". I knew I couldn't help in the class this month, so I almost deleted it without reading. But, I didn't want to miss any other news she might have, so I opened the email. As I read the short email, a gasp caught in my throat: "Attached is the June volunteer calendar. I can't believe the school year is almost over."

The final weeks of kindergarten! Wasn't it just yesterday that TRex was stressing out about starting kindergarten? Wasn't I just freaking out about whether he should even go? How could my baby, so small and innocent, be finishing kindergarten?!?!?!?!?

I began to cry, big fat tears.

TRex has grown so much in the last school year. He is no longer a little kid. He has matured so very much. And he has learned even more. My son who refused to color because he "hated" it, is now drawing intelligible pictures, coloring them, and writing stories for them to boot!

TRex is reading beginning books to us easier than even a month ago. Each day, he learns more. I swear it is exponential. Yet, I didn't realize the magnitude of this growth until that email.

My son will soon be a first grader.

A first grader.

Wasn't I just changing his diapers yesterday?

I'm not ready to be the mom to a first grader . . .

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  1. First grade has been the BEST year for Michael!  I swear!


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