Thursday, March 3, 2011

Favorite Things

I have been too negative on this blog, so I wanted to share some of my favorite things.

1.  I love hugs.  Hugs from my babies.  Hugs from my hubby.  I love hugs.

2.  A nice glass of wine at the end of a long day. Preferably on the dry side.

3.  Playing games.  Card games, board games, or video games (Although I prefer to watch the Mad Scientist play video games--he listens when I tell him what to do most of the time and he can do what I cannot.  It is interactive, even for me.)

4.  Chubby Hubby ice cream by Ben & Jerry.  What's not to love?  It is chocolate covered, peanut butter filled pretzels in vanilla ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter swirl!
 5.  My Kindle, even though I don't get to read that frequently. 

6.  Steak. A well-aged, perfectly cut filet, seasoned perfectly, cooked medium rare.

7.  Music by Lori McKenna.  I haven't found a song of hers yet that I don't love.  For each of my family members, I have a song of hers that makes me think of them (of course, the first song for the Mad Scientist is our song, "In My Life" by the Beatles).  Here is part of the Lori McKenna song that makes me think of my life the most.

1 comment:

  1. I used to love Chubby Hubby until I discovered B&J's Peanut Butter Cup!
    Hope you are feeling better.


Having a child with a CHD is like being given an extra sense---the true ability to appreciate life. Each breath, each hug, each meal is a blessing when you've watched your child live off a ventilator, trapped in an ICU bed, being fed through a tube. Each minute is a miracle when you've watched your child almost die and come back to you.
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