Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silver Lining

I think my posts make it obvious that I've been down lately. But, I woke up this morning bound and determined to see the brighter side of life. My day has tried to throw road blocks. TRex fought with me all morning. The Dancing Queen had lots of dried blood inside of her ear canal. I opened DQ's back pack to find a note that chicken pox has broken out in her special ed preschool (very dangerous for her--so dangerous her immunologist won't even allow TRex to get immunized because DQ may get it from TRex's vaccine). The Mad Scientist and I had a heated discussion over the best way to address the chicken pox situation. I was almost hit by a car in my parking garage as I walked into work. I forgot my good coffee and had to drink swill. DQ's special ed teacher didn't return my call for hours and then told me the child with the pox rides DQ's bus (cue more freak out mode).

With all of those road blocks, I'm still happier than I have been lately. I'm still smiling and I can see silver linings. DQ had a blast at school and was so excited to drive her car in the gross motor room today.  The school and her teacher are doing everything in their power to prevent further spread of chicken pox. DQ's pediatrician is not yet concerned and now that we know it is a possibility, we are prepared to jump into action if anything out of the ordinary happens.  I had a great lunch with a friend. I have starburst jelly beans (the best). And I should be home before the kids go to bed tonight.

Life is good.


  1. BIG SMILE! D.Q. enjoyed driving. You survived TRex's very typical aged four attitude. You didn't get hit by the car. Sorry, I can offer no solace on the coffee. If my coffee is not good, strong and hot my mood is not good!


  2. Yay! :)
    I am glad you are feeling a little more upbeat today - I know things have been pretty stressful and sucky. Squeeze those kiddos tight and have fun with them tonight. :)

  3. Hooray! I'm glad for a happier mood!

  4. Great way to focus on the positive. Sometimes that's all that can happen.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Having a child with a CHD is like being given an extra sense---the true ability to appreciate life. Each breath, each hug, each meal is a blessing when you've watched your child live off a ventilator, trapped in an ICU bed, being fed through a tube. Each minute is a miracle when you've watched your child almost die and come back to you.
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