Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things Overhead on a Sunday Morning

Laying in bed this morning, I was woken up by two small children coming in to my bedroom in search of a book, a libarry book.  They started out whispering:

TRex: Maybe my dinosaur book is in here. You have to be quiet so we don't wake up Mommy.

DQ: Okay, TRex.

I hear the search. While my eyes were closed, I think it pretty much consisted of the two of them staring at the bookshelf. I heard not a single book get moved.

TRex continued in a whisper: It's not here. I can't find it.

DQ: I can't find it.

TRex: I need my libarry book. Where is it?

Me, thinking to myself "What the heck library book is he looking for? We haven't been to the library in months?"

DQ, tiptoeing and still whispering: "Maybe its in our room."

The two of them tiptoe next door, leaving my bedroom door open. Of course, once in there, they didn't need to whisper any more.

TRex, exasperated: I can't find my libarry book.

DQ: I can't find TRex's dinosaur book. Maybe its downstairs?

TRex: No. I looked there. It must be up here.

They tiptoe back to Mommy's room.  TRex looks again (still with my eyes closed, but I don't think he pulled out a single book to look).

DQ could take it no more. She declared loudly "I can't find it. It's gone!"

This was when the Mad Scientist first realized the children were upstairs and instructed them to come downstairs so they didn't wake me.  Too late!  It was okay though because TRex was so serious in having to find his book. I forced my way out of bed and asked for a better description. All I was told was a dinosaur libarry book. I couldn't fathom what he was looking for. So, I pulled out all of the dinosaur books, none were right because then he told me it had a cowboy too. I was befuddled! But, then he said the magic words: "The book Grandma and Grandpa gave me yesterday!"  Mystery solved:

Later, as I tried to use the restroom alone, DQ came tromping in declaring "Mommy, you have a vagina.  I have a vagina. Daddy and TRex have a penis!" Then, she left.

As DQ played with her dolly, she decided to change her, but once we got the princess dress on, it had to be taken off immediately:  "Silly Mommy, my baby can only wear pjammies."

I asked if DQ wanted dolly's slippers on and DQ decided that she needed slippers herself.  What slippers did she need? Cinderella slippers of course. Nothing like a peep toe heel to keep naked toes warm!

That led to playing dress up. All four of us had to be princesses. TRex kept making all of us wear the princess earrings, but he refused to put them on. Why? "Because they hurt my ears, so you all have to wear them!"

Just recently, I overheard Dancing Queen insisting "I'm going to be a Mickey when I grow up." (That would be Mickey Mouse.)

Five minutes later, she asked if she could be Sally from the movie "Cars" when she grows up. I said "of course". DQ is constantly pretending to be some character.  She and TRex remained characters from "Cars" for a good 45 minutes. They kept racing for the Piston Cup, but falling and hurting themselves, so they had to go to the doctor's office.

Of course, all of that came to a screeching halt when TRex placed DQ in jail in the middle of the race, so she got angry and pushed him down, causing real pain.

At lunch, DQ complained with a sad face, "TRex say 'poop' all of the time".

Oh the fun of a Sunday morning!


  1. Get in touch with me in twenty some years! I, now, miss those Sunday morning wake-up calls!! Just saying!!


  2. LOL!
    Your house has "bubbaisms" too!
    Love. It. :)


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